SolidWorks Student Installation Procedures


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For COE Students

Students in the College of Engineering can download the SolidWorks Student Engineering Kit (SEK) for their personal PC or laptop.

Please connect to the VPN, then log in with your COE (not NUnet) username and password on this page for instructions and to get your activation code.

You must use the Northeastern University VPN to view the web form if you are off-campus.

For Northeastern Students OUTSIDE of COE

Can I run SolidWorks on my Mac or Linux PC?

SolidWorks runs on Windows only (not Mac or Linux), sorry.

To install the SolidWorks SEK locally on your own Mac or Linux computer, you can get VMware Fusion for Mac, or VMware Workstation for Linux, for free through the MyNortheastern Portal -- it will allow you to run Windows in a virtual machine on your Mac or Linux PC. Then you can install SolidWorks in your virtual machine as described above.

How can I get access to SolidWorks if I cannot install it on my computer?

COE students can use the COE VLAB to run SolidWorks from any computer or tablet. Please see the COE VLAB page for instructions.

ITS also provides SolidWorks through their Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) environment. For non-COE students who cannot install on their own computer, this is likely the best choice. You can find more information on this through the public service portal by searching for "Windows Virtual Desktop"

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