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== General Information about the College of Engineering computer systems ==
== General Information ==
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===== [[Account Request|Request an account on the COE / ECE system]] =====
===== [[Account Request|Request an account on the COE / ECE system]] =====

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This is the Northeastern University College of Engineering Computer Help Wiki. The information page for the Engineering Computer Center is located here.

General Information

Request an account on the COE / ECE system
Accessing your Home Directory
General Information for New Users
About ECE Accounts
Password Help
Email Questions
Disk Quota
Printing in the COE labs
COE Web home pages for students, faculty, and staff


Virtual Lab Environment -- NEW!!!

Computer Purchase information for students
SolidWorks Student Installation Procedures
Microsoft Imagine Premium (formerly Dreamspark - free Microsoft software for COE faculty, staff, and students)
Microsoft Student Advantage (MS Office for your personal computer)
Other Student Software - AutoCAD, Dev C++, MATLAB, Arena
VPN for Students
Display a X11 window on a remote computer
How long does my account remain active after Graduation?

Faculty and Staff

Information for Faculty and Staff
About COEcloud
Using the new VPN on Linux

Labs, computers, and lab software

Lab Hours
Virtual Lab Environment -- NEW!!!
How can I change my Login Shell?
MobaXTerm help to log into linux machines
Linux Machine Help
COE Windows Lab Software (partial list)
Matlab Information in the labs
Cadence Information
Installing Microsoft Office on University owned computers
Using AMPL and CPLEX

For ECC Lab Assistants

ECE Mail Procedures for PA's

===== Editing or adding pages to this Wiki =====

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