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Follow the instructions below to authorize use of Microsoft Office products on any COE computer, including the VLAB, for a period of 30 days. The steps below create a token file in your COE home directory in the Win10Files folder; please don't delete them!

  1. Launch an Office program (Word, Excel, etc.) from the Start Menu
  2. Click Sign In to get a pop-up window titled Activate Office
  3. Enter your (myNEU username) and click Next
  4. You should see a Northeastern Security prompt; select "Active Directory" ... do NOT select "myNortheastern" or it will not work!
  5. The username field should prepopulate as in step 3, but change it if not! ... Password = (your account password)
  6. You will receive a Two Factor Authentiction (2FA) prompt window from Northeastern. Verify your 2FA (usually with a push notification on your mobile phone) to continue.
  7. UNCHECK the "Allow your organization to manage your device" option on the resulting pop-up, then acknowledge the remaining prompts.
  8. Verify you have successfully authenticated by clicking Account from the list in the left tab. You should see your name, email address, and Connected Services have the right information.
  9. This process creates a token in your COE Home Directory. As long as the token is present, you will not have to repeat this process on any COE Virtual Lab computer for 30 days.

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