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Install MobaXTerm

    • Download the software. Google mobaxterm download.
    • The installation is pretty straight forward.


Configuration of MobaXTerm

    • Once the MobaXTerm program is installed it should be visible on your desktop
    • Double click the icon to start the program

Create a new session so next time you don't have to do it all over again

    • Click the "Sessions" tab on the top of the page
    • Select "New session"
    • Select the "SSH" button (First button on the top left corner).
    • Enter the following information on the "Basic SSH settings" form.
      • Remote host* --->
      • Select the "Specify username" box and enter your COE username right next to it.
      • Click ok to save this session. The session will be saved as "


How to log into

    • To log into the gateway simply double-click the "Saved session" you created.
    • This will open up a terminal session for you and it prompts you for your COE password
    • Enter your COE password. It will ask you to remember the password. Say "no"
    • Now you are logged into one of our gateway host machines.


How to log into Linux machines and get a graphical program to display on your local machine

    • You are now logged into gateway on the black box section on the bottom right is your cursor waiting for input.
    • Type this command.
      • linux-load --> this will display about 10 linux machines such as ergs, farads, grams etc
    • Pick a machine that has the least number of users and type the following command
      • ssh -Y -p 27 <machine> ---> the Y is capitalized and place the name of the machine.
    • The first time you log in to this machine it will ask you to authenticate your host simply type yes
    • If all goes well you should now be logged into the Linux machine.
    • To run a graphical program like "matlab" simply type this:
      • matlab & ---> the ampersand symbol allows the session to run in the background. If all goes well matlab should appear on your desktop.
    • That should do it.
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