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Install MobaXTerm

  • MobaXTerm is already installed on all COE Windows lab computers. If you want to run it on your personal computer, just download the software. Google search for "mobaxterm download" would be a good place to start.
  • The installation is pretty straight forward, just follow the on-screen instructions.


Configuration of MobaXTerm

  • Once the MobaXTerm program is installed it should be visible on your desktop
  • Double click the icon to start the program

Create a new session so next time you don't have to do it all over again

  • Click the "Sessions" tab on the top of the page
  • Select "New session"
  • Select the "SSH" button (First button on the top left corner).
  • Enter the following information on the "Basic SSH settings" form.
    • Remote host* --->
    • Select the "Specify username" box and enter your COE username right next to it.
    • Click ok to save this session. The session will be saved as "


How to log into

  • To log into the gateway simply double-click the "Saved session" you created.
  • This will open up a terminal session for you and it prompts you for your COE password
  • Enter your COE password. It will ask you to remember the password. Say "no"
  • Now you are logged into one of our gateway host machines.


How to log into Linux machines and get a graphical program to display on your local machine

  • If all goes well you should now be logged into the Linux machine.
  • To run a graphical program like "matlab" simply type this:
    • matlab & ---> the ampersand symbol allows the session to run in the background. If all goes well matlab should appear on your desktop.
  • That should do it.
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