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This is the Northeastern University College of Engineering Computer Help Wiki. The information page for the Engineering Computer Center is located here.

Do you learn better from a sample presentation than written instructions?

Please note that you can't log in to this wiki with your COE account. See below for COE services you can log in to.

General Information about the College of Engineering computer systems

Faculty and Staff


Obtaining Software for Student-Owned Computers

Installing Software on student-owned computers

Other information

  • University ITS and ResNet have collaborated to create a new device registration page to allow your computers, smart TV’s and other ethernet-enabled devices to use campus wired networks. The following link will allow you to register a new device. You must complete this registration annually for each device. Student Device Registration
  • How long does my account remain active after Graduation?

Labs, computers, and lab software

Linux Help

COE supports Linux terminal logins on our powerful Linux Gateways, and also Linux graphical workstations in our Virtual Lab.

For ECC Lab Assistants

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