Installing Teams on personal machine


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  • Be sure you have DUO configured before proceeding:
  • If you do not have DUO setup already please call x4357 for help or you can follow this link to set it up or add a new device to your list of devices. When working with this portal be patient and wait since it has proven to be a bit slow.
  • There are two ways to get the Teams client on your machine:
    • A copy of the client can be obtained from here
    • The other option is to log into here with your credentials. NB: that you need DUO for this to work
  • While any of the above listed procedures will get you a copy of the Teams Client you would need to log in afterwards to be able use it.
  • Logging into Teams:
    • signing-address:
    • password: your myNortheastern password
  • Looking up people in Teams
  • You can type in either the firstName or the lastName in the search bar at the top of the Teams Client of the person you want to connect with
  • You can video call share screen and even share files among yourselves with the Team client.
  • You can call someone by making sure the person is selected, at the top right corner of the client from right to left are pop out chat, add people,start sharing your screen,audio call,Video call.
    • Pop out chat : Removes the current chatting window from the Teams client.
    • Sharing should be self explanatory I hope, same as audio and video calls.
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