Installing OneDrive on Personal Machines


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  • Log into outlook from here with your myNortheastern credentials. When dealing with office365 portal your credentials is always your followed by your password if prompted
  • Click the tile shown on the top left corner
  • Click on All Apps if you cannot see OneDrive listed
  • Click on OneDrive, this can be use online if you choose to or can be installed
  • On the left click on Get the OneDrive apps if you want to install it on your machine
  • If you're familiar with DropBox this could be use the same way, sharing files or working from the client if you want your files to be save or synch to the online portal
  • NB: that this does not support version control if you want this feature you may want to consider using Sharepoint, GitHub, bitbucket or any of open source packages out there.
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