ECE Mail Procedures for PA's


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What to do if ECE users call for help to configure their mail

They can use our "webmail" client, located on our "" website to view mail right away.

  • Ask the user what mail client (outlook, thunderbird) and if they are using IMAP, POP or PINE?
  • If they are using PINE then they do not need to do anything.
  • If they are using IMAP, they need to change the incoming server to "" and the port to 993 and use SSL
  make sure the /mail is removed from the "advanced" tab.
  • If they are using POP then they need to change the incoming mailserver to "" and the port to 995 and use SSL
  • If they try to log in and are having password problems, change their COE password with the "sudo CP <user> <new_passwd> command.
  • If problems still persist please ask one of the staff for help or email a detailed account of the problem to "".
  new incoming server is "
  new impa port is 993
  new pop port is 995
  use SSL for both POP and IMAP
  encourage people who use POP to switch to IMAP.
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