ECE Mail Procedures for PA's


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What to do if ECE users call for help to configure their mail

They can use our "webmail" client, located on our "" website to view mail right away.

  • Ask the user what mail client (outlook, thunderbird) and if they are using IMAP, POP or PINE?
  • If they are using PINE then they do not need to do anything.
  • If they are using IMAP, they need to change the incoming server to "" and the port to 993 and use SSL
  make sure the /mail is removed from the "advanced" tab.
  • If they are using POP then they need to change the incoming mailserver to "" and the port to 995 and use SSL
  • If they try to log in and are having password problems, change their COE password with the "sudo CP <user> <new_passwd> command.
  • If problems still persist please ask one of the staff for help or email a detailed account of the problem to "".
  new incoming server is ""
  new imap port is 993
  new pop port is 995
  use SSL for both POP and IMAP
  encourage people who use POP to switch to IMAP.
  Go to "Tools" "Account Settings" "Server Settings" to find the locations where to make these changes
  Click the "Advanced" button to make sure the "IMAP server directory" filed is empty.
  Go to "File" "Account Settings" twice then select the "ece" account and click "Change"
  Click "More Settings" then click the "Advanced" tab to view the ports and make sure the "Root folder path" is blank or empty.
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