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Setting Up Cadence on the ECE and COE systems

Before you can start Cadence, there are a few configuration files that are needed in your home directory. These files determine the environment in which Cadence runs, and what libraries are to be included in your current session. These files can be edited to suit personal preferences. They are presently written for use with the csh or tcsh Unix login shells on the ECE and COE systems and is given for the NCSU kit:

Step 1: Login your ECE or COE(Unix) Account. 
    If you are using COE account , login the cadence server. (type in terminal ' ssh -Y -l username')
    Download  setup_hspice_ new.csh and activate it ( source  setup_hspice_new.csh ).
Step 2: Make your working directory using "mkdir" command in the Unix machine
Step 3: Download "cadence_setup.cshrc" in the course homepage and copy it in your working directory.
Step 4: Activate the "cadence_setup.cshrc" file in your working directory. 
              (source cadence_setup.cshrc )

(You can check a few files in your working directory after the Step 4) The "cadence_setup.csh" and "setup_hspice_new.csh" have to be activated whenever logging in you account.

Step 5: Run Cadence 
   Type  icfb  &
       Be careful! Cadence has to be run under your working directory.
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