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NOTE: As of February 15th, access for students is temporarily unavailable, but we are working with Microsoft to resolve the problem as soon as possible. We will removed this notice when students regain access. Faculty and Staff are not affected at this time.</font>

About Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

The College of Engineering at Northeastern University is a participant in Microsoft’s Azure Dev Tools for Teaching program. (This program was formerly called Imagine, and before that Dreamspark.)

Through the COE Azure Dev Tools for Teaching web store, COE students, faculty, and staff can download free Microsoft software for academic, non-commercial use on your personal computer.

Available software presently includes:

Operating systems
MS Windows and Windows Server (several versions)
Developer tools
Visual Studio, ASP.NET, XNA Game Studio
MS Project, Visio, One Note
MS SQL server, Exchange Server, Hyper-V Server

Please log in to the COE Azure Dev Tools for Teaching store to see the full list of nearly 200 available packages. Azure Dev Tools for Teaching is a Microsoft promotional program and MS, not COE, chooses which packages to offer and sets the licensing terms. Sorry, MS Office is NOT included. Students can get MS Office here.

COE Azure Dev Tools for Teaching Web Store
Northeastern University - College of Engineering - Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

Getting help for Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

To access Azure Dev Tools for Teaching, log in with your COE username and password.

  • Use your COE credentials, not your Husky or NUnet credentials. Hint: COE usernames don't have a dot in them.
  • Enter your username, not your full email address, in the Username field.

If you are a COE student and don't yet have a COE account, click here to find out how to apply for one.

For login help, send email to

Software downloaded from Imagine is not intended for installation on university-owned computers. If you need software on an NU-owned computer, send email to

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