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Printing in the COE Labs

Starting in Fall 2019, most COE-managed computer labs use the University-wide PaperCut print system. PaperCut replaces the earlier Pharos print system. You can print your job from a COE lab and pick it up at any PaperCut print station on campus. See for more information.

You can also install the PaperCut client on your personal or self-managed Windows or Mac computer. Click here for details: PaperCut

The CEE Design Studio has several special printers and plotters. If you have key-card access to that lab, you should see the additional print queues when you log in.

The CHE Capstone Lab has a plotter; please see staff member Rob Eagan if you want to print to it.

For questions regarding COE printing, please send email to or speak to a member of the Engineering Computer Staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my job is canceled before the pages are printed, will I be charged?
No, you are not charged until your job actually prints.
I am a teaching assistant. My professor told me to print 75 copies of a quiz.
Please speak to a member of the Engineering Computer Center staff.
The printer jammed (or otherwise ruined my print job)!
Save the ruined job and take it to the ITS Help and Information Desk in Snell Library for a print credit.
How can I save paper and use up less of my allotment?
Print documents 2, 4, or even 6 pages per printed page when it makes sense to do so -- for example, when printing PowerPoint slides.
Do you support duplex printing?
Yes! Duplex printing is the default for Black-and-White 8.5 x 11 printing.
Is color printing available? How about 11x17 page size?
Yes! Choose one of the alternate print queues when you print your job. Remember that color and large-format printing cost more!

Additional answers to FAQs are available here: ITS Printing FAQs.

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