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Procedures on How to Log into the COE Linux gateway

  • The COE Linux gateway for terminal-based logins is
  • You must be connected to the NU GlobalProtect VPN if you are off-campus.
  • In order to remotely log in, you need to SSH into as below:
   ssh -l username  ....> enter your coe username and password and you are logged in.
Either from a Mac terminal or from [[MobaXTerm]]on windows
you ssh to
use your COE credentials which are different from your NU credentials.
If you need help with your COE credentials please email
or drop by the Computer Center on the 2nd floor of the Snell Engineering Building
  • If you are not familiar with unix here are some commands that will come in handy:
 pwd -----> this will show you the "present working directory"
 ls ------> this is a listing of your current directory
 cd -----> this will "change directory"
  • If you need further help on this, please send email to

Linux graphics

If you need a Linux login with graphics, you have two options.

  • You can log in to the Gateway as above, and use X11 remote graphics.
  • You can use the Linux pool in the VLAB. See the VLAB page for details on how to connect.

General UNIX/Linux help

Here's a site called UNIXhelp for Users. This information is quite old, but you may still find it useful as an introduction to UNIX/Linux.

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