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Faculty/Staff computer information page

Note: this page is under construction. If you don't find what you are looking for here, send email to for more information.

Off-campus access to campus computing resources

  • VPN - Virtual Private Network, for secure access to the campus network
  • VLAB - COE Virtual Lab, for access to Engineering software
  • Teams - Online meetings, communicate with students / faculty / staff, share files
  • Help with online teaching
  • Scroll down for information on software available to install locally on your own computer, including MS Office

COE / ECE computer accounts

Onboarding: How to get an account on the COE / ECE computer system

Please see the Engineering Computer Center staff in 274 SN.

Offboarding: What happens to my computer and my COE account when I retire or leave NU?

In keeping with current University computer policy, your COE account (email, personal web site, lab logins, etc.) will be retired from the system when your employment in the College of Engineering ends. Please back up any files and saved email that you want to keep.

Mail sent to your old COE or ECE address can be forwarded to another email address for a limited period of time, if you request it.

Any University-owned computer equipment (laptop, mobile devices, etc.) should be returned to the College by your last day of employment.

Services and Resources offered by the COE / ECE system

  • Shell logins (Unix, Linux, Windows)
  • COE Windows image with Engineering software
    • COE computer classrooms
    • Departmental labs
    • VLAB -- the COE Virtual Lab
  • COE / ECE email (standards-based IMAP and SMTP)
  • Create and maintain official email distribution lists for faculty, staff, and students (see list below)
  • Create web-managed email lists for committees, research projects, student groups, etc.
  • Host web sites for the College, Departments, research groups and institutes, student groups, etc.
    • Drupal and MediaWiki content-management systems are available for lab or group web sites
  • Host personal home pages for faculty, staff, and students, including CGI capability
  • Limited personal file storage in home directories on the COE/ECE systems
  • File server shares for administrative and research groups
  • Dropbox for Education
    • Stores university data on-campus for security and compliance with NU policies
    • Supports popular browsers; Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops; iOs and Android mobile devices
    • 15 Gb of file storage (ask if you need more)
    • Share files with other users
  • File transfer services (SFTP, CIFS)
  • MySQL database hosting for classes, official web sites, and special faculty-sponsored projects
  • Other services
    • Backups for network data stores, websites, databases, etc.
    • Supplementary support for faculty-managed research computers
  • Disk quota defaults as of 8/1/2017:
    • 5 Gb home directory quota for faculty and staff
    • 5 Gb home directory quota for undergraduates and grad students

NUnet, COE, ECE computer systems: what they each do, where to go for help

  • NUnet Windows and Mac Desktop support: ITS Helpdesk
  • ITS email systems (Exchange, Husky student email): ITS Helpdesk
  • ITS-supported web facilities (WordPress): ITS Helpdesk
  • ITS computing labs (Infocommons): ITS Helpdesk
  • VPN for remote access: ITS Helpdesk
  • COE Windows labs, VLAB: COE Help
  • Engineering software access: COE Help
  • COE email systems, mailing lists, web site, COE Gazette: COE Help
  • hosting for large research clusters: partnership with ITS, see Lisa Koch for more information

How to get help for COE or ECE computing systems

  • email to
  • talk to computer staff on 2nd floor SN

How to get help from ITS

  • call x4357 (xHELP)
  • email to
  • go to Help Desk in InfoCommons

COE College-wide mailing lists

Here are a few of our College-wide email distribution lists. These are all moderated lists. In addition to these College-wide lists, each department maintains its own faculty and staff lists. More information is available on the COE Sharepoint site.

  • all COE faculty and staff
  • all COE faculty
  • tenured and tenure-track faculty
  • non-tenure-track faculty
  • part-time COE faculty
  • all COE staff
  • Post-docs

Help with purchasing and grant proposals

  • Standard desktop or laptop computers -- purchase through MyNEU portal
  • Quotes for research equipment --

Printing to the PaperCut print system

You can install the PaperCut print client on your personal or self-managed Windows or Mac computer. This will enable you to print to the large-format and color printers in the InfoCommons.

Click here for details: PaperCut

Your Pharos print job goes into a queue such as "B&W 8x11" or "Color 11x17". It doesn't actually get printed until you go to a supported printer and swipe your Husky card through the attached touchscreen, then select the desired job from your personal queue. This keeps your jobs private, even though the printers are public.

Printers in the COE Computer Classrooms now use Pharos, so stop by the labs to test the system or ask a staff member for a demonstration.

Faculty/staff software for home installation

Matlab for home use (any supported OS)

To get a license of Matlab for your laptop or home computer, see this page: Matlab_software

Microsoft Office for home use (PC or Mac)

This is for faculty and staff only.

  1. Log in to the MyNEU portal at
  2. Click on the tab that says "Services and Links"
  3. Scroll down to "Free and Discounted Software" and click on that for the OnTheHub web store
  4. At this link, you can purchase Office for about $10 for Windows or Mac
  5. You can also get VMware products (including VMware Fusion for Macs) and other useful software for free.

Computer Staff in the College of Engineering

  • Engineering Computer Center staff offices are in 274 SN
  • Members of the Engineering Computer Center Staff:
    • James Jones, Senior Systems Coordinator
    • Gregory Anderson, Senior Systems Coordinator
    • Hamad Rehman, Senior Systems Coordinator
    • John Khan, Systems Coordinator
    • David Louis, Systems Coordinator
  • Email to reaches all the ECC staff
  • Departmental Computer staff (contact through their department)
    • Tom Olson, MIE
    • Deanna Beirne, CenSSIS/ALERT
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