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COE/ECE Home Directory mounts on Windows, Mac, and Linux

Automated Mounts

On COE/ECE imaged computers, if you log in with your COE/ECE username and password, your home directory will be mounted automatically and be available for use.

Manual Mounts

  • On computer which use the NUNET image or have hand installations, your COE/ECE home directory will NOT be automatically mounted, but you can add it yourself.
  • Please note that mounting your home directory requires a campus IP address, so if you are off-campus, you must first install the University's VPN. You will need to be connected to the VPN in order for your home directory to be mounted and accessed. Please see the following instructions for the VPN: http://www.northeastern.edu/its/howto/vpn

Windows Instructions

  1. Left-click your Start button and select "Computer" from the menu.
  2. Select "Map Network Drive" from the options along the top row of the new window.
  3. Change the drive letter to Z (or the next available letter if Z is in use).
  4. In the Folder field, type: \\shares.coe.neu.edu\COEusername
  5. Mark the "Reconnect at sign-in (log-on)" and "Connect using different credentials" check-boxes if they are not already marked.
  6. In the credentials pop-up window, enter "WINCOE\COEusername" and "yourpassword" in the appropriate fields.

Mac OS X Instructions

  1. Change your active application to Finder (check your menu bar).
  2. Select the Go menu, then choose "Connect to Server"
  3. Enter the following in the Server Address field: smb://shares.coe.neu.edu/COEusername
  4. Click the "+" button to save this on your server list
  5. Click "Connect" to get a credentials window.
  6. Make sure the "Connect As" radio button is set to Registered User, then enter "COEusername" and "yourpassword" in the appropriate fields.

Linux Instructions

If you need assistance, please contact us via email to help@coe.neu.edu

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