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If you are a grad student or faculty/staff member in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, you may want to use the ECE domain name in your email address and home web page URL. You may also request extra disk space on the ECE departmental file server.


Obtaining an ECE Account

The ECE and COE systems have merged. If you already have a COE account, you also have an ECE account -- the same username and password are valid for both domains.

If you are a student, faculty, or staff and don't yet have an account on the ECE / COE system, click here to request one. You must be connected to the VPN to use this form.

Using your account for ECE email (

Your account can be used to send and receive mail from two addresses -- and Mail sent to either address goes to the same Inbox. It's just a matter of preference which address you use.

To use your ECE address for outgoing mail with an email client on your personal computer, please follow the setup instructions for COE email accounts given on this page: Email Questions. Set up the account with your ECE email address, but use the same COE server names for IMAP and SMTP.

If you prefer to use Pine on the Unix/Linux command line for mail, log in to and call epine. The epine command runs Pine with an ECE-specific configuration file, so that your outgoing messages will be from the ECE version of your address.

We regret that COE Webmail cannot be used to send mail from the ECE version of your email address.

You must use the COE SMTP server to send mail from your ECE account

Please note that the COE / ECE mail system will reject any messages with a From: address ending in or, unless they actually originate from the COE SMTP server This is a security measure to protect our users against spoofed malware messages.

Getting disk space on the ECE departmental file server

Send email to to request space on the ECE departmental file server.

Once it is set up, your extra disk space will be available in the subdirectory ecefiles in your home directory.

Setting up an ECE web home page

You can set up a home page on the ECE web server. Your URL will look like this:

To set up your ECE home page, create a directory called public_html in your ecefiles area. Place your web site files in this directory.

If you don't yet have an ecefiles area, email the Computer Staff at to request that one be created for you.

Hostnames in the domain for research computers

The Computer Staff can assign a fixed IP address and hostname in the domain for certain research computers.
Please send email to to make a request for an ECE hostname.

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