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Allotted Disk Space

   Faculty: 2 Gb
   Graduate: 2 Gb
   Undergraduate: 2 Gb
   Guest: 500 Mb

If you have difficulty running certain applications and/or receive any of the following messages when using a COE Windows machine, you may have exceeded your disk quota:

   Windows - Delayed Write Failed
   There is not enough free disk space.

Ways to check your quota

  • On your COE Windows desktop, there will be a myquota.txt file. This file will tell you what your quota was when you last logged in.
  • Ssh into Gateway (click here to see how) and type "quota" at the command prompt

I went over my quota. Now what?

If you have exceeded your hard quota and/or the time has expired, you will need to have one of the COE System Administrators delete/move the files for you. If not, you should be able to delete/move the files yourself.

Things you can do to prevent quota issues

  • Remove old/unnecessary files from your "Z:\" drive.
  • Move your larger files to removable media or use MyFiles
  • Empty your Recycle Bin
  • Use C:\temp as a temporary working directory

IMPORTANT: The C:\temp folder is NOT for permanent storage of your files. This is a temporary directory you can use while logged onto a COE Windows machine. Files placed in this location can be seen by other users and are purged on a regular basis.

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